Requirements/Application Process

Please read thoroughly before beginning application process. Failure to follow the procedures will result in a denied application.

The Fall 2024 application process is now closed. The deadline for Fall 2024 applications was June 15, 2024. The Traineeship Program is NOT accepting late applications.

The Spring 2025 application process will open October 1, 2024.

*As of July 2023, the Traineeship will no longer accept late applications. This grant has become very competitive and it is the applicant’s responsibility to follow all requirements and deadlines, as outlined on our website. Please do not email requesting an exception. Check the website for dates and requirements. *


  • Fill out the application in entirety, including all attachments.
    • Curriculum contract/course of study issued by your university, listing all courses by number and name, and signed by your advisor.
    • A current copy of your temporary, emergency or provisional certificate issued by EPSB in the area that you are working under and applying for funding in.
    • If denied and you are able to correct errors, follow the link on the denial letter, to start the process over.
    • The Traineeship protects your privacy by only discussing your application status with you. Correspondence regarding your account from someone else will not be answered.

Changing/Dropping a Class

  • If you need to drop or change a class that the Traineeship has agreed to fund, it is your responsibility to notify us ASAP and seek approval for the substitute class, since all courses are not fundable.
  • Notify the Traineeship ASAP if you are dropping a funded class.
  • Failure to follow this procedure will result in your being ineligible for funding for one semester.

Grade Reporting

  • At the end of each semester, you are required to submit your grades for the funded course(s).
    • Send us a copy of your unofficial transcript (pdf file or word.doc) ​OR
    • Send us a screen shot of your official transcript, which must include your name, university, course number and title, and grade assigned (pdf file or word.doc).
    • If you receive a grade below a B, you will be ineligible for one semester.
  • Failure to follow this procedure will result in your being ineligible for funding for one semester.


Spring 2024 – June 15th
Summer 2024 – September 15th
Fall 2024 – January 15th