Recipient’s Responsibilities


Email all forms – observing deadlines:

  • Part A (always required)
  • Curriculum contract/program of study
  • Certificate (All funding is contingent upon sending a copy of your current Special Education/IECE certificate – Emergency, Probationary, Temporary Provisional certificate- to the Traineeship Program.   *** Note the Expiration Date).

Class Changes

Request all class changes  or subsitutions to the Traineeship Program (via email).  All changes and substitutions must be approved by the Program Coordinator.  Without prior approval by the Traineeship Program, it is the financial responsibility of the applicant.  The program cannot be responsible for penalty fees associated with university registration or fee payment  schedules.

Grade Submissions

Grade submission is required for each course funded by the Traineeship Program. This includes each semester, including your final semester. It is your responsibility to send verification of the grades you received for the approved courses completed during that semester. An official transcript is not required. Email:

  • A copy of your unofficial transcript

Grade submissions should be time-stamped/emailed on or before the following dates.
(These dates are not the same as the deadlines for applications.)

  • January 15 for courses completed during the fall semester;
  • June 15 for courses completed during the spring semester;
  • September 15 for courses completed during the summer semester.

Participants who receive a grade below a “B” for any one course in the preparation sequence or who fail to submit grades will be ineligible for one semester. Participants who earn a second grade below a “B” or who fail to submit grades a second time and are no longer eligible to receive Traineeship funding.