Application Process

Required Documents

First-time applicants must EMAIL the following:

  • Completed and Signed Application Part A.
  • Completed and Signed Application Part B

  • A copy of your curriculum contract or program of study plan, signed by your university advisor.

  • A copy of your current special education/IECE teaching certificate

Part A form

Complete and email Part A. Only those courses required for your special education certification can be approved for Traineeship funding. The Part A form must be emailed each semester to be eligible for continued approval consideration.

Part B form

Complete and email Part B.  The Part B form is only submitted one time.

Curriculum Contract / Program Plan

You must email a signed copy of the curriculum contract or program of study plan. Your university advisor must sign the contract/program. Highlight the remaining courses needed to meet certification requirements, including the courses planned for this semester.

Teaching Certificate

You must email a copy of your current special education or IECE teaching certificate to the Traineeship Program as soon as the Professional Standards Board issues it.


Download Part A PDF File Download Part B PDF File


Applications must be emailed on or before the following deadlines for each semester:

Fall Semester                    June 15 ***new due date
Spring Semester              November 1
Summer Semester          April 1

Please EMAIL your application documents to:


Approval is granted for qualified applicants on a semester basis. You will receive a letter regarding your approval/denial within approximately 3-4 weeks of the traineeship deadlines.


Acceptance of funding means that the approved applicant agrees to all the terms and procedures of the Traineeship Program, including deadlines for applications and grade reports. By signing the application you agree to all terms.

Course changes or substitutions without prior approval by the Traineeship staff are the financial responsibility of the applicant, not the Traineeship Program. The program cannot be responsible for penalty fees associated with university registration or fee payment schedules.

Tuition Payment

Tuition is paid directly to the University for Traineeship approved courses that are specified in the applicant’s approval letter. Other costs or expenses (books, insurance, transportation, athletic fees, late registration fees, room and board, etc.) are the responsibility of the approved applicant.

Grievance Procedure

If a Traineeship application is denied, the applicant may appeal the decision by writing a letter within 15 days of the postmarked date of the denial letter. The appeal shall state the grounds for the appeal and shall be addressed to the Director of the Traineeship Program, 245 Johns Hill Road, Highland Heights, Kentucky 41099. The Director shall respond in writing to the applicant within 15 days of the receipt of the appeal.