Application Process

Our new online application process is now ready to use! Before beginning the application process, please review the eligibility requirements to make sure that you are eligible to receive Traineeship funds.

Because the application must be complete with all attached forms, please make sure you have the following before beginning; (Attached documents must be in word.doc or pdf format.)

  1. A current copy of your university curriculum, signed by your academic adviser. When applying traineeship funds, you for must also have the correct course number, title and credit hours. These are usually located on this curriculum.
  2. A copy of your temporary special education certificate. If you are unsure of where to find this, please contact the special education office in your district first. They should be able to help you and typically they assist employees with this process. You may also check with EPSB regarding the status of your certificate by calling 502-564-5846.
  3. Your building principal will be required to confirm your application information and will receive communication from us to do so. We will need the correct email address for your principal. Please advise your principal that they will be receiving this and that it needs to be to be completed ASAP so your application moves forward.  Once your principal verifies your information, you will receive an automated email.

IF you fail to fill out the online application completely, your application will be rejected and you will be required to start over. You will receive an email regarding your status in the application process every step of the way. You will be notified of your approval or denial within 5-6 weeks of the application deadline for the semester.

The deadline for Summer 2023 applications is April 1, 2023.